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AJ and Cain [Part 1]


An idiot! That's all he is.

AJ grimaced to himself, pulling his hood over his head to keep the icy wind from stinging his pale skin and checked his phone.

He didn't even apologize! What the hell is wrong with him? Kissing me and then saying he didn't mean it. That makes absolutely no sense!

The blue-haired teen walked along the sidewalk, turning and ducking into the music store Gage always went to, to escape the crisp air. His eyes perused the room, it consisting of many rows and tables of soundtracks, DVD's, and even some vinyl records. The walls were heavily adorned in posters of famous rock bands like Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Seether, etc… and AJ loved it. A store never spoke to him like this one did. He wandered to the back of the room, examining the CDs in awe before a voice spoke to him, making him jump.

"Let me know if you need help finding anything," It said, carelessly, the voice low and gruff. Familiar.

The skinny teen spun around, seeing the cashier leaning back in an office chair, his feet propped on top of the counter and his face hidden behind a Men's Health magazine. AJ turned back around, staring at the shelf of records.

"Okay," He whispered, realizing the man probably didn't even hear him.

Shrugging, the dark-eyed boy ambled around the table of DVDs, squinting at the cashier. Was it Talen?


AJ stopped short when the man tossed down the magazine and pushed his rolling chair so it was behind the register his eyes not noticing the hooded boy. Cain!

Hell no. I don't want to talk to him. Not right now.

AJ kept his back toward the desk as he inched nearer to the door, trying to be as quiet as possible.

"Hey," Cain's voice cut through the silence as he sighed inwardly, AJ wincing as he froze, his hand on the door knob. "You gotta pay for that."

AJ raised an eyebrow and glanced down at the Skillet CD occupying his left hand. Fuck. When had he picked that up?

"U- Um," He stammered, lowering his voice a few octaves. "I- I'll… just… put it back."

Cain watched with bemusement as AJ took a few steps back and to the side, setting the CD on a nearby table and darting towards the door.

"Hold on!" The man's voice erupted through the room, AJ freezing once again.


Cain stood up, crossing his arms as he demanded, "Take off the sweatshirt and turn out your pockets."

The boy clenched his hands into fists and took a deep breath as he pulled off his jacket and pulled out the insides of his pockets which were empty except for a wad of cash, a coupon for "Mancino's: Pizza and Subs," and a few unused tissues.

"There," AJ sighed, keeping his back toward Cain. "Can I go now?"

"Almost," The man replied. AJ could have sworn he heard amusement in his voice. That prick. "Shake out your shirt."

"Stop being stupid!" The aggravated teen suddenly shouted, spinning around to stare Cain in the eye. "I didn't steal anything!"

The hazel eyes of the man widened in surprise.

"Just…" AJ rubbed his arm, awkwardly, staring at the ground. "What are you doing here?"

"I work here, genius."

"…Right." The teen hesitated a moment before turning toward the door. "Well, bye."


"What do you want?!" AJ shouted, gripping the door handle, agitatedly, although a huge surge of hope overwhelmed him. Cain was stopping him. He wanted him to stay?

"You can still buy that CD if you want," Cain said, sitting back down behind the counter.

AJ's heart sank and his head lowered, his bottom lip quivering.

"So…" He murmured. "You're going to act like nothing happened? Really?"

Cain was quiet for a moment, only replying with, "I- I'm sorry for what I did."

"Y- You say it meant nothing to you. Do- Do you even think about how I felt?!" AJ's eyes welled with tears as he stared out the glass door, blinking excessively.

"Y- Yes!" Cain answered, his voice becoming shriller. "That's why I said it! Y- You looked like you were gonna cry!"

AJ turned, staring at Cain with wide eyes, his hands clenching into fists.

"Have you ever thought that it could've been from joy?" He whispered his voice shaky as Cain glared at the ground.


"Well that's what it was…" He replied, quietly. "Happiness."

"But…" Cain seemed confused as he glared at the floor. "Why?"

AJ raised an eyebrow.

"Isn't it obvious?"

"But you hate me!" Cain shouted, standing up, leaning on the counter as he put a hand to his chest.

"What?!" AJ sputtered, taken aback. "I'm in love with you, Cain!"

The man's eyes widened as he stumbled backwards, tripping over the chair and falling, hitting his head on the wall behind the counter.

"Ow, fuck!"

"Cain!" AJ ran forward, dropping to his knees next to the older man. "A- Are you okay?"

"Yeah yeah I'm—" Cain looked up, squinting his eyes. "Why are there TWO of you?!"

AJ looked around the room, exhaling.

"Is there any place I can get you some ice?"

"In the back," Cain murmured, rubbing his head. The blue-haired boy pushed himself off the ground and ran to the back, to the mini fridge sitting in the corner of the break room. AJ pulled out an ice pack, grabbing the paper towel roll sitting atop the fridge and wrapped the pack in a sheet, walking back out to Cain who hadn't moved from his spot on the floor.

"H- Here," AJ stammered, putting the ice on the bump that had formed on Cain's skull.

"I don't need it," the lanky man scowled, standing and taking the ice pack from AJ's hand, tossing it onto the counter. "I'm fine."

"Well, okay then," AJ said, awkwardly, rubbing his temples.

Cain glanced at AJ. His eyes were distant and it made AJ uncomfortable.

"What?" He muttered, curtly, crossing his arms.

"So…" Cain began. "You really… don't hate me?"

AJ's expression softened as he fiddled with his fingers, resting his elbow on the counter and staring at Cain.

"No… more like the opposite," He whispered.

"I'm an idiot," Cain growled, dropping his head to the counter.

The dark-eyed boy moved closer, putting a hand on Cain's broad shoulder.

"What? Why are you calling yourself that?"

"Because I just assumed you hadn't wanted me to…"

"Well…" AJ stared at the ground for a moment, biting his lip, his cheeks flushing. "You can… try it again… and just… make the right decision this time…" He looked up, his eyes connecting with Cain's wide, hazel ones. Cain grabbed AJ roughly, pulling him into a hard, passionate kiss. The blue-haired boy gasped quietly and pushed his body against Cain's, kissing him back as he moaned into his mouth. Taking advantage of AJ's parted lips; Cain forced his tongue into his open mouth, gripping desperately at the blue locks.

"Mm, C- Cain," AJ murmured, sliding his hands down Cain's chest, tightening them around the man's collared shirt.


"Cain we—"

AJ quickly pulled away, catching his breath as he glanced over at the entrance, a man watching them with wide, horrified eyes. Cain followed his gaze his eyes landing on the shocked customer.

"Hello," He said, coolly. "We're closed right now."

The man raised his arm, pointing to the sign on the door.

"…B- But your sign said open."

AJ took a step back, covering his flushed face in embarrassment as Cain agitatedly got up and stalked to the door, flipping the sign around.

"Now we're closed," He said, coldly. "If you already know what your purchase would be, I can get it for you real quick."

The customer grimaced.

"It's alright. I can already see you weren't having many customers." His voice lowered to a mumble. "Probably scaring 'em away seein' you eat that boy's face off."

Cain glared at the man.

"Get something or get out."

The man scowled and stomped out the door as AJ watched with wide eyes, his eyebrows creased in shock, gripping his chest. He felt hurt and offended by the man's remark.

Cain grumbled, going back over to AJ and leaned close to him, his lips whispering over the skin of his neck.

"Cain," the boy whispered, tilting his head back slightly. "Th- That guy…"

"Stop," Cain's hazel eyes bore into his beloved's black ones. "He was just another hater."

"B- But—"

Cain connected his lips with AJ's to shut him up and it worked. The blue-haired boy pulled him closer and against the counter as he sifted his fingers through the lanky man's soft hair, despite the gel that caked the locks to keep them styled upwards.

"We should go in the back," He uttered heatedly against AJ's lips.
Okay so.. part 2 WILL have sexy time in it. I decided to make this a "short" to show how Cain and AJ are doing. And I must say, they are doing quite... quite WELL.


Part 2 will be up by tomorrow or Wednesday!


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Story (c) *Demyboilover

Editor: ~randomperson77
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AKsroa4a Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012   Writer
Hm... I have a problem with the CainxAJ thing. It seems really abrupt to, like there wasn't enough development between them before "Cain, I love you. *googly eyes*"

Demyboilover Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well it's hard to fully develop their relationship when it's in Gage's point of view most of the time. I tried hinting throughout the story that AJ and Cain were spending more time together and that they've been getting pretty close :I sorry it wasn't good enough ^^;
NyumiMai Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm going to comment on this just because i'm me.(sorry if it bothers you). You did a good job at hinting, it might have been a little abrupt to people who haven't been reading yaoi awhile or are familiar with it. Me on the other hand got it right away, I've been reading yaoi, well, for a long time. You did a really amazing job with your story and i take the writing skills and timing of words or actions that i learn from you and try to put them in the writing. I'm not being rude to the person who commented but, it's your story and you make your own words.:iconba-kyunplz:
aiyamey Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
the hints in the main story were clear :D
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BrokenDemoness Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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And I want to say, thank you! You've helped inspire one of my own Yaoi stories(well... TWO):3
Oreo-and-stuff Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Then a pelacan comes in and Attacks them all. :T
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The next one better have a warning. |D
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I will attempt to patiently wait for the chance to read part 2
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lieofhope Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012
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So much win in such a short chapter :iconpervplz:
Mitsuki-Heartnet Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Student Writer
Omg YES! I've been waiting for this chapter for freaking EVER! I love you. xD Just saying. And I love how you had that random guy walk in. I figured that was going to happen. You know, 'cuz making out in the middle of a music store tends to not be the greatest idea in the world.
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