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August 14, 2012
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Chapter 6


Caleb sat back in his seat, cradling his new bowl of ice cream protectively in both hands. Alec watched him with amusement as the brunette shoved a spoonful of the Dippin' Dots into his mouth. His eyes suddenly widened in alarm and he opened his mouth wide, waving his hand frantically as if trying to scoop in the air.

"Dude… it's cold." Alec chuckled as Caleb fought off the brain freeze, his hands on his temples and his eyes squeezed shut.

"No! Really?!" Caleb retaliated, his words dripping with sarcasm.

"Yeah, that's why you don't put a huge spoonful of it in your mouth, smart one." Alec rolled his eyes and laughed as the fencer stuck his tongue out at his date, turning away from him and crossing his arms, pouting. Glancing at Alec from the corner of his eye, he slowly brought the spoon to his lips and took another bite of the ice cream. Alec laughed at him as Caleb slid the spoon from his mouth, his eyes large and innocent. He looked a lot younger in that moment and Alec felt his heart swell with compassion, the noise of the game seeming to fade all around them.

The moment felt precious and fragile, like a bubble that a child would try to hold in their hands without popping. Alec stood motionless staring into the wandering eyes of his boyfriend. The scene was so delicate he felt that even a gentle kiss would be enough to send it shattering into a million pieces. So instead he sat down and let his hand come to rest casually on Caleb's leg, just above his knee, his thumb absentmindedly rubbing back and forth on the brunette's jeans.

Caleb looked down at Alec's hand on him, his eyebrows rising and he looked at the blonde questioningly. Alec felt the moment slowly slipping away, his hand suddenly brushing off Caleb's leg as he muttered, "Dust," his cheeks flushing.

After finishing his ice cream, Caleb sat his bowl in the cup holder and yawned, laying his head against Alec's shoulder. His eyes closed and his breathing steadied, and before long, he wouldn't respond when his date spoke to him. Alec glanced at the slumbering brunette and a wide smile crossed his face. The hazel-eyed teen ran a hand through Caleb's curly hair, tenderly, his head coming to rest on the fencer's as he twirled a lock between his fingers.


Caleb felt a prickling sensation on his arm and opened his eyes, lazily, glancing down at a huge, ugly insect climbing along his forearm.

"WAH!" He screamed, his eyes widening and his body flinching violently away from his arm, his head ramming against Alec's chin in the process. With his body still leaning precariously to the side, the brown-eyed boy brought his arms up to his now throbbing head and looked up at Alec, who was rubbing his chin, Caleb almost resting in the shorter teen's lap.

"S- Sorry, there was a bug and—"

Alec grinned and leaned over, kissing Caleb's forehead, compassionately, his hand resting on the fencer's cheek.

"The fireworks are about to start," He whispered as Caleb sat back up, his cheeks flushing.


"Yeah," Alec smiled warmly. "After every game, they shoot off fireworks as they play music. Tonight, the theme is rock."

"Oh, that's cool," Caleb stared at Alec for a moment before the lights went out in the park, making it hard to see his face in the shadows.

Caleb directed his attention to the deserted field. The music started first, a soft beat thrumming out in waves over the grandstands. Then with a loud echoing chord, the first rockets shot off, a burst of light exploding in the sky with a deafening crack as the song began roaring the true melody. The fencer watched dumbfounded as the fireworks exploded, sparkled, and pin wheeled through the air in time to the tune of the rock song. It was dazzling as the sky seemed to dance along with the music through bright lights and flashes that screamed and sung along with the voices from the speakers, the whole thing reflected in Caleb's wide eyes.

The brunette flinched at every blast and 'oohed' at every display of the glowing phosphorus falling through the pitch dark night. Alec watched him more than the display and was relieved that Caleb was too mesmerized to notice. Just as he thought it, Caleb glanced at him, smiling softly.

"It's so cool…" He breathed, his voice oddly audible despite the uproar of the show as it built up to the finale. Alec's heart contracted and his hand tingled as he brought it to Caleb's face. He leaned forward, his eyes closing as their lips joined, the show exploding before them as the finale commenced. Alec wrapped his arms around Caleb's neck, pulling his body closer against his own, entangling his fingers in the thick, brown hair. Caleb's stiffened figure slowly relaxed as he then slid his hands around the blonde's waist, interlocking them as he rested them on Alec's lower back. Alec's hands traveled along the prodigy's neck and back up into his thick locks as he pushed deeper into the kiss, his body cutting into the armrest separating them.

The crowd cheered as the last of the fireworks faded into the night and Alec and Caleb pulled away, breathing heavily just before the lights turned back on. Caleb turned away, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear, his face thoroughly flushed and his eyes trained intensely on the floor.

"S- So… Are you ready to go now?" Caleb looked up at him as Alec spoke and stood, the fencer's expression a mixture of confusion and surprise. He looked around at the people retreating down the stairs and into the streets as if remembering they were there. Alec rubbed the back of his neck, his cheeks a slight shade of pink, his eyes shifting everywhere but Caleb.

"Yeah…" He laughed nervously.


On the drive home, Caleb fiddled with his fingers, staring out the window, an anxious expression on his face. Alec glanced at him from the corner of his eye, and raised an eyebrow.

"Something on your mind?" He asked, casually, Caleb turning toward him.

"W- Well," the brunette whispered. "My parents won't be home until tomorrow around noon a- and the house is really creepy when I'm alone."

"What about the staff? Ed?"

"They all have their own homes. They leave at the end of the day. So it's just me."

Caleb stared at his feet, swallowing hard.

"Well, what is it you're asking then?" Alec asked, staring out the windshield with a blank expression.

"Well… could you… spend the night with me? J- Just so I'm not alone?"

Alec turned and stared at him, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open until Caleb looked ahead and shouted, "Dude! Watch the road!" Alec swerved away from the ditch his car had drifted towards, his hands like a vice on the steering wheel.

"Y-Yeah… I'll sleepover." He answered softly, loosening his grip on the wheel. Caleb looked down at his hands cupped in his lap, his face reddening. He stayed that way until they pulled into his driveway, parking in front of the large garage.

Caleb jumped out of the car, his head still down as he walked with a long-legged stride to the front door. He fumbled through his pockets for the keys, his hand trembling as he pulled them from his pants and tried to fit them into the door. Alec caught up to him, gently gripping one quivering wrist, and pulled the boy into a soft passionate kiss. The brunette managed to turn the key and push open the front door as his lips were so occupied and Alec led him sideways through the entrance, Caleb removing the key and letting the door swing shut, their lips never parting.

Alec pushed him onward, Caleb shuffling backwards in front of him, their shoes squeaking across the hardwood floor. Caleb felt his legs hit the arm of the leather couch in his living room and he let himself fall backwards, dragging Alec with him. Their lips parted briefly but then quickly resumed their contact. Alec's soft bangs tickled Caleb's forehead and his hands had slipped below the fencer's shirt travelling up and down his back, tracing his shoulder blades and spine as Caleb gripped his golden locks.

They broke the kiss together, abruptly, as Edgar's voice interrupted them with a cough, "Good night Master Caleb, Mister Alec," He said, nodding towards the boys entangled on the couch, "I'm leaving, I'll see you tomorrow morning." With that, he turned on his heel and left, leaving them to stare speechless after him until they simultaneously exchanged glances and burst out laughing. Alec rested his head on Caleb's chest, his whole body heaving with soundless hysteria, as Caleb was on the brink of tears under him.

They both calmed down, breathing deeply, staring into each other's eyes. Alec brushed his fingers along Caleb's cheek bone, his eyes reflecting contentment. Caleb smiled softly, his hand moving to cup Alec's cheek.

"Alec?" He whispered.

"Yes?" The golden-haired boy asked, closing his eyes and rubbing his head against Caleb's palm.

"Thanks… I-I had fun tonight…" A grin spread across Alec's face and he leaned down, abandoning Caleb's hand.

"The night's not over yet." He whispered seductively in the brunette's ear.

Caleb blushed massively, turning his head away as Alec's lips found his neck. He gently pushed the hazel-eyed boy off him and he sat up on the couch tugging at his hair beside Alec.

"Sorry…" He apologized, "It's… just… This is our first date and… you're going so fast and…" Alec put a finger to his lips.

"I know. I'm sorry. It's just… I can't control myself around you. I want you so much…" He placed his hand over Caleb's, their fingers intertwining.

"I'm sorry…" The brunette repeated.

"Don't be." Alec said, leaning onto Caleb's shoulder. "It's my fault; I'll try not to rush ahead of you."

The brown-eyed boy chuckled to himself and slid his arms around the smaller teen's waist, smiling lovingly.

"Thank you, Alec."
I love this chapter. Mostly because Brie wrote most of those tender scenes.. such feels. Oh such feels. :iconasdfghplz:

Welp. Hope you like! :heart:


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Story (c) ~Demyboilover and ~randomperson77
Character Designs (c) ~Demyboilover

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