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November 11, 2012
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Chapter 8


Hey! Are you free? Alec stared at his phone hopefully until Caleb responded:

Sorry I'm on my way to practice… ):

Alec frowned, flipping his phone shut and throwing it on his bed. He hadn't seen Caleb for weeks and it was starting to make him depressed. The last time he'd dropped Danni off at practice, Caleb had been passed out in the locker room. One of the instructors had told him it was the prodigy's hour break and that he'd been training there since 7 in the morning, so Alec hadn't woken him.

Alec looked up when someone knocked on the door to his room, breaking his train of thought.

"Alec? Can you take Danni to fencing?" His mom's voice called through the door. Alec wanted to see Caleb so badly, he immediately answered with a yes.

Danni didn't talk to him at all in the car or when they got to the fencing club. When he walked through the door he instantly looked toward the strips for Caleb. He was there, leaning against the wall with one hand, panting. He was absolutely bathed in sweat and Alec could hear his rasping breaths from the door. Delacruz was talking, pacing back and forth and gesturing with his sword as Caleb caught his breath.

Wow… he looks exhausted… Alec thought as he stared at the brunette. Delacruz turned back to him and the boy sighed, putting his mask back on. They went to the center of the strip and the Asian man attacked. Caleb scrambled backwards instead of deflecting him, his feet impossibly fast. Then he moved forward, lunging. Delacruz mimicked his act of backing out of the way but Caleb remained in his elongated state as Delacruz tried to hit him. Caleb knocked his weapon away and whipped his wrist back so that he hit the instructor on the side of the head.

They repeated the drill as Alec watched. Delacruz incorporated the opportunities for the specific attack situation into a series of different assaults that Caleb parried. The brunette reacted like lightning whenever he needed to use the finishing blow until again he was against the wall panting. Delacruz turned to Caleb.

"Take a break." He ordered, and walked off. Caleb closed his eyes with relief and sunk down to the floor, his limbs askew. He reached sideways and grabbed a water bottle and towel that were on the ground near him. He draped the towel over his head and took a sip of water, his chest heaving. Alec glanced over and saw that Danni's class was watching him, their expressions mixtures of pity and awe.

Alec got up, heading for the entrance to the strips when he heard the class instructor call for a break. The entire class swarmed to Caleb. Alec caught glimpses of him smiling and answering their questions. He could tell his boyfriend's expression was forced though. Alec stopped walking to him, sitting down awkwardly in a nearby chair, watching Caleb. The fencer caught Alec's gaze, his eyes widening. He stood up and backed away from the crowd as their teacher called them back.

Caleb went to Alec off the strips and sat across from him.

"I haven't seen you…" His breathing was still heavy and his hair was literally dripping with sweat. It made his skin glimmer.

"Yeah," Alec sighed, his eyes wandering around the room.

"I missed you."

The blonde whipped his head toward Caleb at that statement, his eyes smoldering.

"You missed me?!" He hissed through his teeth. "Yet, you didn't even try to find time to hang out with me. You know… your boyfriend."

"Why are you getting so defensive?" Caleb asked, his voice expressing sincere confusion.

Alec exhaled in aggravation.

"Because even when you are finished with practice or even before you start, you don't try to text me or call me. I'm always the one trying to keep this relationship somewhat active!"

"Do you ever think I'm just so tired that I can't even lift my fingers?!"

"Right," Alec laughed dryly. "Well maybe this just isn't working out then."

"What?!" Caleb sounded hysterical, standing up suddenly, his chair falling backwards behind him. "What do you mean?"

"You're obviously too busy and I'm just a burden in your life so let's just break it off alright?" Alec whispered, wary of the stares of everyone else in the room.

"No!" Caleb yelled, gesturing wildly. "You're not doing this!"

"It's not like you cared that much anyway," The blonde sighed, standing up. "I don't see how Haley could have dealt with you and your fencing. It seems to me like you'd pick this stupid sport over the one's you love any day."

Caleb's eyes widened as they brimmed with tears.

"I… can't believe you just said that," He took a step back, quickly wiping his face with the sleeve of his jacket.

"What were you expecting?" Alec said, somewhat calmly. "I should've known it wasn't going to work out from the start."

"Please?" the brunette begged quietly, his voice cracking. "I love you."

"Hm," Alec smiled, turning toward the door. "Bye, Caleb."

The hazel-eyed boy stuck his hands into his pockets and stalked toward the door.

"Alec! Wait—"

As Caleb dropped his mask to run after Alec, a hand gripped his arm firmly, pulling him back.

"Caleb," Delucruz said firmly. "Break's over."

Alec froze, his hand on the door handle. So this is the test Caleb. Me or fencing? He thought to himself.

Behind him Caleb's face hardened as he hesitated a moment, bending down to grip his mask and turn towards the strip.

"Alright," He nodded to Delacruz. "I need to train."

"Finally," The Asian grinned. "That's the spirit!"

Tears welled up in Alec's eyes, and he pushed through the door, stumbling out onto the stairs, cursing up at the sky, his fist slamming against the hood of his car once he reached it. Sinking to his knees, Alec's shoulders shook with sobs.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," He repeated, laying down in the parking lot and sniffling. "Get ahold of yourself."

He slowly calmed down and swiped at his eyes as he stared up at the cloudless sky, his breathing heavy and shaky.

"He doesn't…" Alec closed his eyes, "He doesn't deserve me anyways…"

He kicked the car's fender before getting in the driver's seat, resting his head on his arms on the wheel and crying.


Caleb sniffled, wishing he could rub his nose through the silver mask. Sweat drops bled into his eyes making them water even more than they already were.

The brunette jumped when his instructor's blade hit his mask, the sound clanging loudly in his ears and ringing in his head.

"Stop zoning out." He ordered. Caleb sunk deeper into his stance in response and they resumed their lesson. Caleb focused on Delacruz, ignoring the image of Alec pushing through the door that kept screaming for his attention.

They sparred for another hour or so when Delacruz gave him another break.

"No." Caleb stated, peeling off his mask, and shaking his head. Sweat flew from the ends of his locks. "I don't need it."

Delacruz stared at him wide-eyed.

"Take a drink then." He ordered, shock eminent in his voice even after it had faded from his face. Caleb walked to his water bottle, ignoring how much his legs protested when he bent down. He grabbed the towel too, glancing out the window as he wiped the sweat from his face. He saw Danni run across the parking lot and jump into Alec's car. Caleb choked on his water when he caught himself trying to catch a glimpse of Alec in the driver's side window. He shook his head and gritted his teeth to keep tears from welling into his eyes again. Defiantly, he turned back to Delacruz putting his mask back on and bending his legs to attack.


Caleb didn't hear the first time Delacruz said they were done for the day. When he said it again Caleb noticed how dark it was outside and then saw his driver in the waiting area.

"Oh…" he muttered seeing that they were the only ones there. They shook hands, as was customary, and Caleb went to the locker room, scooping up all his stuff. He could shower and change at his house.

The brunette did his best to keep his mind blank the whole way home but by the time he was in the shower he couldn't keep his tears from flowing.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." He hissed, slamming his fists against the tiled wall. "I didn't… didn't realize… just… argh!" He punched the wall so hard, that the tile that had fallen victim to his fist shattered. He stared at the pieces as they flowed to the drain where they stuck, too large to travel down with the water. Caleb stumbled back until he was against the wall, his eyes wide. He put his hand to his forehead as he was assaulted by another round of sobs. The boy sunk down until he was sitting under the shower, the water flowing around his head to mingle with his tears.

"You idiot! You stupid, fucking PRICK!" He shouted, his hands over his eyes. "I hate you! I hate you! I. HATE. YOU!" His body shook with sobs again because he knew it wasn't true. He knew he wanted to hate Alec but he couldn't no matter how hard he tried.

"Why?..." He whispered, swiping at his eyes.


Caleb stared at himself in the mirror. His hair fell in dark brown waves around his head, some of the ends already starting to dry and curl up. His eyes were red-rimmed with dark bags from his lack of sleep and bruises lined his arms in horizontal stripes from where he had failed to block his instructor's blade. He shoved the sliding mirror aside, grabbing his bottle of pills for his soreness and swallowing one dry. The brunette took a ragged breath before he walked into his bedroom.

"I've laid out your pajamas, Master Caleb." Edgar said from the foot of the bed. Caleb stared at the clothes folded neatly on the sheets.

"I could've got it Edgar…" He muttered walking past him to sit on the sheets.

"Do you want to talk about it?" The butler asked softly. Caleb stiffened on the bed. Was he that obvious?

"No. I don't." He said sharply. Grabbing the pair of underwear on the top of the pyramid of clothes and pulling it on before letting the towel around his waist fall to the floor.

"Alright. I find it's easier after you talk to someone about it." Edgar said walking to the door.

"He…" Caleb choked, as he snatched up the pajama pants and started shoving them around his legs. He took a deep breath.

"I saw Alec today…" He whispered. Edgar walked back over to him sitting beside him on the bed. "He got angry with me… for not hanging out with him enough. And then he left me."

"Just like that?" The butler asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "That doesn't seem like Alec."

"Well… he kind of gave me a choice. It was either him or fencing."

"And I take it you chose fencing?"

Caleb nodded, pulling his knees up to his chin and wrapping his arms around his legs.

"Do you feel you made the right choice, Master Caleb?"

"Well, y- yeah! I've been fencing my whole life! It'll get me into a good college and… I mean, what's the point of fencing if I'm going to just give it up for some guy? Don't you think if Alec really loved me, he wouldn't have made me choose between my passion and my... and him?"

"Perhaps," Edgar said, slowly, his eyes staring at the floor as Caleb's words hung in the air. "But, Caleb, do you think he might have just wanted reassurance in knowing that you really did love him and it wasn't just some silly relationship to you?"

Caleb froze, biting his lip. He looked away and ran a hand through his damp hair, exhaling.

"Good night, Ed," He murmured, dismissing him.


Alec slammed the door to his car, Danni fleeing towards the house as if she were afraid he was going to shoot her. He trudged toward the front door and crashed through the threshold after her, his expression nothing but exasperation.

"Mooooom! Alec's gonna kill someone!" His sister yelled, running into the kitchen to cling onto her mother.

"Hm?" Elaine looked up at Alec, her eyes widened as he stalked towards the stairs. "Hey. Hey! Alec, wait!"

"I am not in the mood for any shit, alright?!" Alec shouted, causing his mom to wince. "I don't..."

Alec suddenly clenched his teeth and his eyebrows creased as he moved forward, laying his forehead on his mom's shoulder, sobs escaping his throat. Her hands wrapped around his frame and she rubbed his back in consolation.

"I- I made an awful mistake," He blubbered, his tears soaking his mom's shirt. "I- I lost him!"

"Oh, sweetie…" Elaine sniffled, moving back and putting both hands on each side of his face. "What happened?"

"Alec left him," Danni said, glaring at Alec. "And I don't know why! I bet he's going through more crap than you! He really needs your support, Alec! I know that because he always looks exhausted and sad and whenever I walk in, he gets this hopeful look on his face but when he notices you're not there, he gets sad again! And you think he doesn't care?"

Alec pulled away from his mom, running to his room and grabbing a pillow. He went to the closet and slammed the wooden door shut, locking it in place.

Collapsing onto the dark floor, he pulled the pillow up to his chest, hugging it tightly as he squeezed his eyes shut.

"I love you, Caleb," He choked out in a desperate whisper, tears streaming down his cheeks.
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Story (c) ~Demyboilover and ~randomperson77
Character designs (c) ~Demyboilover

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