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October 9, 2012
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Chapter 7


Alec opened his eyes slowly, blinking away the last fragments of his dreams. He rolled to his side and regarded the lump under the covers there, smiling softly. The blonde scooted himself closer to Caleb's sleeping form, brushing strands of brown hair from his closed eyelids. The fencer stirred under Alec's fingertips, burying himself deeper into the sheets.

A grin stretched across the blonde's face and he leaned close to Caleb's ear, his hand slowly traveling down the boy's arm and under the covers.

"Wakey, wakey…" He whispered seductively, shaking Caleb at the hip. The brunette opened his eyes and squinted up at Alec.

"Rise and shine!" The hazel-eyed boy said warmly, smiling down at him. Caleb pursed his lips, his eyes only half open.

"Why are you touching me at like 6 in the morning?" He practically growled at Alec.

"It's 9:30, silly!" He said laughing, letting his hand slide down and around to the inside of the brunette's thighs. Caleb reddened, drawing his legs to his chest so that Alec's hand glided, instead, to his knee.

"Aww… c'mon Caleb. You know you like it." He breathed, leaning in to kiss the prodigy's neck. A knock at the door made them both jump away from each other.

"Master Caleb, your parents would like to see you." Edgar's voice informed them through the wood.

"Alright! Let me get dressed and stuff…" He responded loud enough to be heard in the hallway.

Caleb jumped up from the bed, and grabbed a black shirt and a pair of jeans out of the dresser. He began pulling at his loose sweat pants then stopped short, turning and glaring at Alec.

"What?" Alec asked, tilting his head slightly and chuckling quietly as he stared dreamily at his boyfriend.

"D- Don't look at me," Caleb stammered, pulling his pants back up, timidly.

"Why not?" Alec laughed. "I'm gonna see it eventually… might as well be now."

"W- What makes you think that?!" He stumbled as Alec winked.

"I always get my way."

Caleb turned, his cheeks burning as he stalked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Alec smirked and sank back into the bed, putting his arms behind his head, laughing quietly.


"Hold on, just let me check to see if they're in a good mood first," Caleb whispered from the top of the stairs.

"Fine," Alec agreed emotionlessly.

Caleb turned, took a deep breath, and went down the stairs. He found his parents at the bottom in the entrance to the kitchen. They both turned as he stepped onto the floor.

"Hi sweetie!" His mom smiled, holding out her hands and walking over to hug him. She stood up on her tip toes, despite her high heels, to kiss his forehead.

"How's fencing? We heard Delacruz convinced you to enter that national tournament."

Caleb dazedly looked from his mother to his father.

"Yeah… I did… um…"

"So, how's Haley?" His father asked, beaming. "Did you ruin any more of our sheets?" He chuckled, walking over to his son and wife, his hand resting heavily on Caleb's shoulder.

"Uh… actually. I broke it off with her… I, uh, have someone else… um," Caleb glanced at the stairs where Alec was waiting unseen.

"What?" Both his parents exclaimed. "Why?"

"She was such a nice girl and pretty. I thought you were happy." His mom said, cupping his cheek in her hand.

"She… uh… kind of cheated on me… a lot… she was…"

"Well maybe you weren't giving her enough attention, boy! She's young and stupid… you can't blame her for slipping up—"

"DAD! I caught her in the act! She… she's a slut and I don't need her!" Caleb shouted.

"Aw, I'm sorry, sweetie. That's right, you don't need her. So… you found someone else… who is she? Do we know her?" His mom asked, pulling him into another brief hug.

"Well… uh… actually. I met them at fencing… uh… a sibling of theirs fences… and we kinda talked and then their mom invited me to dinner with them and…" Caleb struggled for words.

"Oh, stop beating around the bush! What's her name? Have you kissed her yet?" His mother inquired, her eyes sparkling.

"Uh… yeah… we kissed a few times… uhm… their name's Alec…"

"Well that's an interesting name. Is it short for something?" His father asked, his hands on his hips.

"Uhm… I- I don't know… I'll ask him sometime. But, uh…"

"Wait. Him?"  His father asked, sternly.

"Uh… yeah."

"Caleb, son, listen to me. I know you're hurt and confused because of Haley, but you are NOT like that okay? This… Alec… he's just taking advantage of you. He's confusing you and trying to…"

"JOHN!" His wife smacked him on the head. "You stop that right now. Our son's just curious, okay? It's alright for him to expand his horizons." She turned to Caleb. "I'm sure this Alec is a really nice boy. Our son isn't stupid and he can't be all that bad if he's met his family. We would love to meet him sometime, dear."

"Well… actually… he's kinda here. Um, we went on a date last night and I asked him to spend the night. N- Nothing happened!" He said quickly, noticing his father's expression. "You can meet him right now. He's waiting upstairs."

"Fine, whatever," His dad hissed. "Let's just get it over with."

They walked to the base of the steps and looked up, seeing the hazel-eyed boy leaning casually against the wall, fiddling with his fingers and his blonde, perfect, hair. He informally turned his head and quickly straightened up at the sight of Caleb and his parents at the bottom of the stairs.

"H- Hello!" He greeted them, hurriedly. "Y- You must be Mr. and Mrs. Muran!"

He scrambled down the steps, holding out his hand to Caleb's father who regarded it cautiously.

"Hello," Caleb's father answered slowly. "You're Alec?"

"Y- Yeah," He laughed, nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"So… you're the guy who wants to screw my son?"

Alec's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open, his cheeks burning a dark red.

"D- Dad!" Caleb yelled, throwing his hand over his eyes in embarrassment.

"John, will you shut up?" Mrs. Muran rolled her eyes and turned to Alec, smiling warmly. "It's nice to meet you, Alec. So tell me… where did you guys go for your date?"

"W- We went to a baseball game," the blonde mumbled, uneasily.

"PF! Caleb? At a baseball game? That's hysterical!" His dad laughed loudly, staring at Alec in disbelief.

"It's not that funny," Caleb murmured, crossing his arms in aggravation.

"Yeah. Heh. It was kind of funny. Y'know when the game started, he asked what those white squares were on the field. At first, he thought they were marshmallows!"

Mr. Muran burst out laughing, wiping his eyes, staring over at his son.

"You thought they were marshmallows?!"

"I fence. I don't play baseball."

"Still… marshmallows?!"

Caleb's father walked over to Alec and put his arm around his shoulders, pointing to him.

"At least this boy has some common sense! Say, Alec, you watch pro, right? Yanks or Red Sox?"

Alec shrugged slightly.

"I'd rather go for the Red Sox but I'm a fan of neither. I love the Tigers."

"Ha, I root for the Cubbies!"

"No way, you're a Cubs fan?"

"Hell, yeah! They haven't won a championship in forever. They suck but I love 'em."

Mrs. Muran glanced over at Caleb, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Caleb mouthed, "I dunno," raising his hands with uncertainty.

"Honestly, Helen, I don't understand why you were so against Caleb dating this kid. He's great!"

"Excuse me?" Caleb's mom stared at her husband, grimly. "Weren't you the one—"

"Sh sh sh! Alec and I'll talk to you later; we got stuff to discuss!"

Mr. Muran grabbed Alec's arm, dragging him to the couch, his mouth running a thousand miles a minute.


Alec ran down the spiral stairs, coming face to face with his parents, their faces filled with curiosity, making discomfort wash over the blonde's features.

"Can I help you?" He asked them, raising an eyebrow.

"So…?" His dad asked, moving closer.

"Did ya get laid?!" Elaine finished Bryan's sentence, giddily bouncing on her heels. Alec side-stepped away from his parents and rolled his eyes.

"You guys are just like Danni and her friends."

"But, we wanna know," His mom whined, sticking out her bottom lip.

"We didn't do it, of course," He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "It was only our first date."

"That's no excuse!" Elaine swatted at his chest. "You might never get the chance again!"

"Mom… cool your tits. I have many chances. As a matter of fact, we are hanging out during Danni's fencing practice so…"

"You'll do it then?" She asked hopefully.

"U- Uh…" Alec looked away, timidly. "I don't know—"

"Yeah!" his dad chimed in. "That way he's too weak to resist you after his work out… plus, he'll already be all hot and sweaty for you!"


Alec ran out the door, climbing into the car, shaking his head.

Man, my parents are so messed up.

Danni hopped into the back seat with her fencing bag in her lap.

"So how was--"

"DON'T EVEN START!" Alec shouted at her as he backed out of the driveway.

"Oh kay..." She whispered, sinking into her seat. They drove the rest of the way in silence, Danni eagerly jumping from the car and running into the fencing club.

Alec followed after his sister, smiling widely when he saw Caleb talking with Delacruz in the observation room. The brunette glanced over at Alec and began inching toward him, putting his arm out as he continued his conversation with the coach.

"Caleb," Delacruz said sternly as the fencer gripped his boyfriend's arm, dragging him close, his eyes not leaving the Asian's. "This tournament is extremely important. If you want to win, you have to train as much as you possibly can. Which means you will be here morning, noon, and night."

"I'm not going to be here all day," Caleb retaliated. "Training non-stop will just wear me out and I'll be hospitalized before the tournament even starts!"

"That's ridiculous, Muran! You have trained much harder than this. Quit complaining. For a star like yourself, you need to set an example of hard work and dedication for the ones below you."

"You do realize I actually have a life outside of fencing, right? Besides, I need to rest and I'm sure you do too."

"You don't need to worry about me. I want you to succeed as do your parents. You need to train your hardest. Do you understand what happens if you win this tournament? You'll be richly sponsored if you decide to go to the Olympics and every college that has a fencing club will be after you."

"Yeah I don't care. I'd rather live to see the rewards of winning than die of exhaustion as they hand me the trophy." He said dryly.

"You will have adequate breaks for eating and enough down time to sleep and rejuvenate your energy but you will be in the tournament and I will train you for it even if I have to drag you here kicking and screaming." The instructor turned then and walked proudly back into the club.

"Hey!" Caleb yelled after him, "If you think I'm gonna--"

"This is NOT up for discussion." Delacruz said so sharply that Caleb didn't argue back anymore.


Alec glanced over at Caleb in the car. For once his poised posture was slumped as he glared out the window though his mind was obviously drifting elsewhere.

"So… are you busy tonight?" Alec asked cheerfully.

"I have practice all day tomorrow so I need to get as much rest as possible. I'll probably crash when I get home I'm already drained… Delacruz drilled me today, I can barely move."
Alec turned to Caleb, a frown on his face.

"Aw… so that means I can't drill you today?" He said sadly, a smile twitching on the edges of his mouth. Caleb reddened at his joke.

"Y-yeah… something like that." Alec smiled and turned back to the road. After a few more minutes of silence Alec turned on the radio. He smiled at the song that was on and when the chorus started he burst out in song along with the station.

"This time is ours! If I could hold this moment in my hands I'd stop the world from moving, I'd stop the clocks from turning! This time is ours inside a frozen memory of us and we are motionless! Motionless…" He sang dancing in his seat.

"You're really out of tune ya' kno—"

"YOU'RE LIKE A DREAM! THAT I HAVE JUST AWOKEN FROM!" He sang louder, pointing at Caleb as he did.

"FADING AWAY JUST OUT OF REACH!" Caleb looked at him, slightly skeptical.

"AND WE ARE HERE! BUT I AREADY MISS YOU EVEN AS YOU'RE LYING NEXT TO ME!" He leaned over so that his head was almost in Caleb's lab. He quickly straightened back up before he could hit anything.

"Quit messing arou—"


Caleb leaned forward, pushing a button on the dashboard and causing the music to cease.

"You're gonna kill us!" The brunette snapped, crossing his arms.

"Aw, I was just messing around," Alec pouted, pulling into Caleb's drive.

The blonde glanced over at the grouchy teen as he parked his car, smirking a bit.

"Did you start your period or something?"

"Shut up. I'm just tired."

Alec nodded slowly and looked up when Caleb reached for the door handle.

"Wait!" He shouted quickly, Caleb pausing and looking back at him. "What about a good-bye kiss?"

The fencer rolled his eyes and leaned over to Alec, pecking him quickly on the lips and jumping out of the car, slamming the door shut. Alec watched with solemnity as his boyfriend rushed to the front door of the house, pulling out his keys.

That kiss didn't feel very meaningful… The hazel-eyed boy thought to himself as he backed out of the drive-way, his eyes still on Caleb. I wonder if he being tired was just an excuse…?
Brie's thoughts on Caleb's dad:

"I think with the dad he was expecting this extremely gay lispy guy with like pink clothes and puking rainbows whatever and he was okay when he realized Alec was a normal guy, like baseball, dressed normally, he just happened to be gay and John could ignore that part of him and just pretend he and Caleb were like just friends..."

i agree with this. :nod:


Here is the next chapter! Sorry it took some time, we've been busy with school and haven't had much time to see each other. And we were both going through a writing block. bleh. But now that it's over, we can continue our story! and hopefully I can get a chapter of Forbidden up soon!


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Story (c) ~Demyboilover and ~randomperson77
Character Designs (c) ~Demyboilover

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