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September 7, 2012
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Author's note: I know I have a lot of stories I'm working on at the moment. I have been working on this one for quite a while now and decided to post. But see it as more of a preview chapter because I won't be posting the next chapters for awhile. Hope you enjoy, nevertheless!


Captive of My Embrace

Chapter 1


He's beautiful.

Adeon watched, with admiration, the young boy passing by all alone. He leaned forward on the park bench, his elbows on his knees and his chin resting in the palms of his hands, his eyes entranced by the child. The boy turned toward Adeon watching him and cocked his head at the man. The black-haired demon smiled lovingly, putting his hand out, the brunette walked forward without hesitation, his soft green eyes not leaving the cold, black ones of the demon.

"Kasey," He whispered as he gripped the child's hand, pulling him close to speak to him. His hand cupped his cheek, tenderly. "You're mine now."

"What?" The child furrowed his thin eyebrows in confusion, captivated by the man's sweet smile and intoxicating gaze.

Adeon's facial expression hardened ever so slightly but then smiled warmly, gently stationing his thumb on the middle of Kasey's forehead, a faint, blue light flowing through his veins, to the end of his thumb and into the boy. The child's eyes widened in shock, his hand reaching up to grasp the demon's wrist.

"What did you—"

"We are connected Kasey… you and I." Adeon sifted his fingers through the boy's smooth hair and frowned. "I'm going to wait for you. Please, don't forget. Try to remember me when I come back. I love you."

He slowly leaned forward, kissing Kasey's forehead and standing up, clutching the crystal around his neck.

"Wait!" The young boy yelled, seizing the hem of Adeon's shirt. "P- Please, don't go!"

"Don't worry," Adeon smirked. "I'm not going anywhere. Just don't forget. Promise me?"

"I- I promise! B- But don't l- leave…"

Kasey watched in panic as black smoke flowed from the red crystal around the demon's neck, the emanation consuming him whole like the mouth of a beast.


"Don't forget," Were the last words of the strange man before he disappeared entirely, the smoke vanishing along with him.



The teen's eyes opened slowly and he sat up, groggily staring at his closed bedroom door, and wincing at the ruckus on the other side.

"Kasey! Get up!"

"Augh, go away, Kylee," He muttered to his sister, pulling the pillow over his head.

"Aw, come on! It's your sixteenth birthday, don't be such a butthead! I have a special breakfast waiting for you downstairs! So, hurry up and get dressed then meet me in the kitchen."

The brunette's eyes widened in surprise as he sat back up in his bed.

"It is? Really?"

Scrambling for his dresser, he grabbed his phone and stared at the date in awe. September 28. Wow. When had time gotten away from him?

Happy birthday, Sunshine.

Kasey froze for a moment and then smiled to himself.

"Thank you… Adeon," He said under his breath, blushing ever so slightly. That voice had been in Kasey's head since he had turned six, yet he couldn't figure out where it had come from or how it had gotten there. It would greet him in the morning and wish him good night, daily. He didn't mind it. He knew it must not have been a normal occurrence but… the voice made him feel less lonely, as if he had a friend there constantly. He could vent his feelings out and tell this voice his huge secrets without worrying about them getting spread around. He trusted the voice. But when it spoke to him, even though it was part of his brain, he felt like he was speaking to a completely different person. It even had a name.

I wish I could've gotten you a present…

Kasey giggled, quietly.

"That's silly. How would you get me anything? It's not like you're real."

The voice in the teenager's head became quiet and Kasey looked up in confusion.

What makes you think I do not exist? It asked, calmly after a moment.

"Well… you're just a fragment of my mind… aren't you? That'd be ridiculous if I actually thought you were real!"

Kasey laughed half-heartedly, running his fingers through his hair as he began to strip and change into his school clothes.

…But you promised me…

"What was that, Adeon?"

Never mind. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day at school.

"Wait… what did I promise you…?"

Kasey… the voice infiltrated the teen's head once again, disregarding his question. What would you do if I was real?

"I… I don't know," He said in an undertone. "I've never really thought about it. Hey, Adeon… you've never asked me something like this before. Why now?"

Kasey stood half naked in the middle of the room awaiting an answer from his mind. He threw his hands to his head after a few moments of silence, clenching his teeth in aggravation.

"Why does he have the choice to answer or not if he's part of my own mind?!" He seethed, turning and slamming his drawer shut, angrily.

As he pulled a blue t-shirt over his head, something on his dresser caught his eye. He walked over to it, cautiously, noticing a black rose lying on the wood, a small note wrapped around the stem. Kasey picked it up, slowly, opening the note, his eyes widening.

Kasey. You promised me you wouldn't forget. I guess that was a big favor to ask from a mere child. Nevertheless, I still love you and hope I will jog your memory somehow; Happy birthday, my Angel. This rose was the only thing I could find. I hope it is enough. Have a wonderful day.

Kasey's heart skipped a beat and he suddenly put a hand over his chest.

"Adeon…" He put his fingers to his temples, a piercing pain shooting through his head as a memory flooded his mind… although it was vague… he pictured a man with ash black hair watching him, his eyes black and cold, a piercing glinted on his left eyebrow, his gaze penetrating through his mind like a tiger following its prey. The snake tattoo on his neck seemed to slither with every movement he made.

"A- Adeon," He hissed, dropping to his knees, crying out in pain.

Don't worry, the voice whispered, darkly. This pain you are feeling is good. That means you're beginning to recollect those memories from so long ago. Soon enough, we will be together.

"N- No," Kasey cried, tears filling his eyes. "I- I don't want you to… be with… m- me."

You'll come around, Adeon chuckled.

"Y- You're a stranger!" The green-eyed boy screamed, writhing on the ground in agony, his hands clutching his head, as if trying to squeeze away the torture.

Maybe so. But we are connected.

"Stop it!" Kasey shouted between gasps. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

The door to Kasey's bedroom flew open, his older sister dropping next to him and sliding her arms around him.

"Kasey!" She shrieked, panic eminent in her voice. "Are you okay?!"

The brunette shook his head, gripping it and squinting up at his sister.

"P- Please! M- Make it s- stop!"

"What?! What's going on?!"

"M- Make him go away…"


Adeon pushed open the heavy, steel doors and stalked into his Lord's chamber, a look of hatred prominent on his face.

"You summoned me, Lord Atahela?" He asked, bowing with hesitance.

"Azazel," the Demon grinned slyly, his glowing red eyes cutting into Adeon's intensely. "What is taking so long for you to complete the task I've given you?"

"I apologize, my Lord," He said, slowly, straightening up. "I have been side-tracked. But I have an initiative I promise."

"Then explain this initiative of yours," He growled, his dark figure looming over the black-haired immortal, demoralizingly. "It better be good or I'll suspend your powers and take away that useless crystal of yours."

A sinister laugh escaped Adeon's lips as he glowered ominously at Atahela, a grin stretching across his face.

"You needn't worry, my Lord," He chuckled, viciously. "Life for those feeble mortals will come to an abrupt end very soon. Just be patient."

Atahela leaned forward with interest, clasping his hands together and pursing his lips.

"That's what I like to hear," He grinned.
I'll finish my other stories before I continue with this one. I promise.

I just had this urge to want to write the first chapter.


I've been thinking hard and working out a huge plot for this story. I know the first chapter seems a bit rushed but :shrug:, I hope to myself that the second chapter will be better. xD


Chapter 2: [Coming not-so-soon]
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