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November 28, 2011
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A Small World

Chapter 1


I was shoved hard against a brick wall, a hand enclosing around my throat.

"No," I gasped through clenched teeth, groaning in pain. "P- Please stop."

The silver-haired man moved closer to me and grinned, revealing slightly crooked, tobacco-stained teeth.

"Then hand it over," He sneered, allowing his free hand to roam my body for valuables.

I trembled and clamped my grey eyes shut, feeling the grip on my neck tightening.

"I- It's in my pocket." I mouthed, struggling to breathe.

I felt his hand reach deep into my pants pocket and grab hold of my wallet. He pulled it out, grinning like he'd just won the lottery. Still keeping a strong grasp around my neck, he dug into the wallet, seizing a wad of money.

"Thank you very much." He derided, and coldly threw me to the side.

I landed hard against the alley's cracked concrete and sat up slowly as he ran off, stuffing the bills into his pocket.

"What a great welcoming gift to the city." I whispered to myself, rubbing my neck and glaring in the direction the thug had run.

Standing up, stiffly, I grabbed my bag and hat that had been thrown aside and stalked out of the alleyway. My black hair stuck to my neck with sweat, as I shakily positioned the dirty hat back onto my head. I trudged along the overcrowded sidewalk busying myself by keeping my head down and counting my footfalls, not wanting people to see my fresh bruises and cuts. I abruptly collided into an oncoming being, dropping my bag onto the ground.

"Shit." I grumbled as I felt hands all over me.

"You ok?" Asked the stranger.

I smacked his hands away, heatedly.

"Ever learned to keep your hands to yourself?" I snapped, grimacing at the tall stranger.

He put his hands up, in innocence.

"S- Sorry," He stuttered. "I was just trying to help."

Sighing, I grabbed my bag off the ground, thankful nothing fell out and straightened up. I now was able to absorb his appearance. Whoa. I just stared. His hair was a chocolate brown with flat slanted bangs concealing his forehead and eyebrows. His eyes, a beautiful auburn, were staring at me with a mixture of apology and confusion framed by a set of long brown lashes. I just gawked at him like some idiot as he scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"Well I'll just go now," He said after a few moments and turned to leave.

I grabbed his arm.

What the hell am I doing? I suddenly wasn't thinking anymore, my eyes still ogling at the beautiful boy. Why can't I just let him be on his way? There was something about this guy. Something that made shivers run down my spine at the sight of him.

"Didn't you just say something about hands to yourself?" He asked a startled look in his eyes.

The logical part of my mind decided to resume functioning and I released him. I backed up quickly, throwing a hand to my forehead.

"S- Sorry!" I sputtered, blushing madly. "I- I don't know w- what I was thinking. S- Sorry!"

I turned and briskly trudged from the stranger, outright embarrassed by my foolish actions. What was I planning on doing, especially to a guy? I was such an idiot! Well it didn't matter anymore, it's not like I would ever see him again. This city was huge, filled with so many people it was unlikely we would ever meet again. For some reason, the thought of never seeing that stranger made my heart sink immensely.

I reached into my pocket to check my phone but felt paper. Paper? I pulled it out and noticed it was the wad of money that had been stolen from me not too long ago. What the hell? How did I get it back? I turned around, seeing that the boy was no longer in sight. Did he…?


I shouldn't have been thinking about him. Why was I? Why did this unfamiliar person have such an impact on me? It was silly, these feelings that were overtaking me. It was senseless to feel this way. I was never going to see him again so I should have just forgotten about him. But it hurt to think that I wouldn't see him again. I stood up, frustrated and grabbed a pillow off of my bed.

"STOP!" I screamed into it. "STOP STOP STOP!"

I pelted the bed with the pillow, clenching my teeth in anger.

Feathers were everywhere, my whole room covered by the time I had started de-feathering the sixth pillow. I sunk to the floor, against the bed, cradling my head in my hands.

"Just stop," I whispered, downright exhausted.

I jerked my eyes up to the sound of a knock at the door. Standing up slowly, I trudged toward the door and opened it, reluctantly.

"YOO-HOO!" A loud, energized voice shot through my ears and made me flinch.

I had to squint to see who it was in the dim moonlight streaming through the window, all the other lights were off. A blonde boy was standing in the hallway, smiling at me, his blue eyes wide, an indifferent-looking man was behind him; his arms crossed and seemed engrossed in the wall opposite me. Something about him was familiar but I couldn't remember from where.

"Erm, hi," I answered, shyly.

He giggled and moved forward.

"Woo!" He breathed. "You are cute!"

My face heated up and I looked down. Did a guy just say that to me?

"C- Can I help you?" I stammered, keeping my eyes on the floor.

"Yeah," He replied. "We live in the apartment right next to you and heard a commotion going on from over there. We wanted to make sure everything was ok."

I laughed nervously and looked up at him.

"Don't worry. I just moved in and I've been dropping a lot of stuff trying to get everything in place. Sorry if I bothered you. I'll be quieter."

I went to shut the door but the boy waved his hands frantically.

"Wait!" He yelled.

I sighed impatiently and opened the door back up.

"Since we're here, why don't we introduce ourselves?"

He smiled warmly.

"My name is Kieran and this," He grabbed the uninterested silver-haired man and pulled him toward himself, "Is Amir, my boyfriend."

He nodded and let his black eyes wander down the hall, avoiding contact with mine. What was his problem?

"Nice to meet you, guys." I uttered. "I'm Carson. But Look, I gotta go unpack so I'll talk to you later?"

He nodded happily and started walking down the hall, dragging Amir with him. Amir seemed insanely familiar. I had to have seen him on the streets or something.


What an odd couple, they were. But I guess opposites attract? I sauntered back to the feather-filled room and sat back on the floor, laying my head against the bed frame. My mind strayed back to the stranger.

"Ugh." I groaned. "Get out of my head, Jackass."

Grumbling nonsense to myself, I stripped down to my boxers and laid onto my bed, drifting off into a dreamless sleep.



I sprinted toward the bus proceeding away from me.


I couldn't miss this bus. It was the last one and I needed to get to my first day of work on time.

"Shit, shit, shit!" I yelled to myself as I rushed toward the city bus, having to increase my speed as the bus did the same.

It suddenly came to a halt as it reached the next stop. I exhaled, relieved and boarded the bus. Sitting on one of the seats, I looked down at my phone to check the time. Ah, perfect. I was right on schedule. I placed my cleansed hat on my head and stared out the window, nervous for my first day at work.

Someone took the seat next to me but I didn't bother looking over to see who it was, for my mind was filled with nonsense.

I wonder where that guy is today. Shaking my head, I let it fall against the window. Who cares what he's doing? Just forget about him. You'll never see him again.

"Excuse me," asked the person next to me.

"What?" I answered, grouchily.

The person chuckled and exhaled.

"Still a grouch ass I see."

My eyes widened and I looked over at the man. Him. It was really him! Was I seeing things? My hand came out and I grabbed hold of the acquaintance's face, squeezing his cheeks so his lips puckered up.

"Is this real?" I asked, mostly to myself.

"I believe so," The man answered, his voice muffled. "You mind letting go of my face? I need to use it for stuff. You're very grabby I have learned."

I blushed and let him go.

"S- Sorry," I mumbled, looking away. "About yesterday, I really am sorry about that. I don't know what came over me. By the way, my name's Carson."

I put my hand out and he shook it without hesitation.

"Hey don't worry about it, man," He replied, coolly. "The name's Noah, nice to meet you."

I nodded and smiled, suddenly awfully peachy.

"So where are you going to so early in the morning?" He asked, staring at me intently.

"It's my first day at a new job," I answered. "I just moved into the city a couple days ago. What about you? Where are you off to?"

"I have to get some soup for my girlfriend. She's sick."

I felt a weight at the pit of my stomach. Girlfriend?

W- Who cares if he has a girlfriend? I don't care. He's a guy. I'm a guy. Nothing going on there. Ha. I don't like guys anyway. I'm as straight as… as a line. A straight line.

I grimaced at my thought. I knew for a fact that I was straight. Maybe I couldn't stop thinking about Noah because we were meant to be best friends. Yeah. That was it. Best friends. That's what we would be. I could feel it. We just clicked like that.

"Oh," I finally answered back. "Well tell her I hope she gets better."

I smiled warmly and he nodded.

"Will do."

He looked down as if he was deep in thought. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it.

I'll let him be.

"Carson," Noah said after a few moments, turning to me.

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to go on.

"Here's my number. Call me later if you want to hang out."

I smiled, took it, and added it to my phone.

"Ok, I will."
So here it is! The first chapter of A Small World! I like this story.. it's kinda... i dunno x'D But I'm happy with it! I hope u enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it :) Yes it's a Yaoi/Shounen-Ai

Editor: :iconrandomperson77:

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I enjoyed reading this story. The characters are interesting and the flow of words are good.
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